Windows Blue Leaked Code Hints At Microsoft's Future Direction

- Jun 15, 2018-

    As more and more people download the development version of Windows Blue that was leaked on the Internet, there are more and more reports on how Microsoft will develop this system and what features it will add to its Windows 8 operating system. The latest news comes from a report written by Sandro Villinger.

Windows Barcode Scanner4.jpg

In a report from, Villinger wrote "In-depth exploration of the leaked code of the Windows Blue operating system" found some connections between the operating system and the Modern version of Windows Defender. This may mean that Microsoft is developing at least a Modern version of Windows Defender antivirus software. Microsoft has pre-installed a desktop version of this anti-virus software for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

The leaked Windows Blue includes a Modern File management software, which shows that Microsoft is developing more Modern applications that may be included in the official release of Windows Blue in the future.

At the same time, this article also mentions that Windows Blue's code includes 3G/4G hotspots and bar code scanning support, and it includes different ways to improve the battery life of the device on which the update is installed. There is evidence that Windows Blue greatly reduces the occupancy of RAM. The system code also mentions support for higher resolution devices and mentions the two new features "BaseFS" and "Minkernel". said that "Minkernel" may mean that Microsoft plans to further narrow the Windows kernel.

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