Windows Barcode Scanner Problems And Solutions

- Oct 20, 2017-

Check the host and the scanning gun or scanning gun and the wiring between the keyboard is not loose, if the wiring loosening may also cause the computer to crash. Note: The scanner should be connected to the keyboard behind the POS cash register

Mouth, and then through the scanning gun of another adapter connected to the computer keyboard (do not connect to the mouse mouth).Windows Barcode Scanner

 Barcode Scanner Frequently Asked Questions Why is there no reflection of connecting the scanner to the computer? After the scanner is connected to the computer, whether to start the sound, if you do not start the sound, please check your connection is normal, the computer is normal. If the connection line to confirm the normal, the computer is also normal, it should be the problem of the scanning gun itself. If there is a start sound, but no light, it is basically a problem on the motherboard.Windows Barcode Scanner

Why the scanner has a light out, there are decoding sound, but can not upload data? It may be because there is no corresponding interface, please scan the corresponding interface bar code, it should be noted that the serial port must be used in the HyperTerminal scan, or use the communication program conversion, or will not be able to enter data. If the corresponding interface sweep, it may be a line of the problem. Why can not be used when the keyboard line into the data, and the keyboard can not be used? You did not sweep the corresponding barcode at the keyboard, or there was a problem with your line.Windows Barcode Scanner

Why is my scanning gun connected to the computer after the restart? It may be because your interface power supply is insufficient, you need to add power can be, why some of the bar code sweep sweep, some bar code sweep? Please make sure that the code of the barcode you are scanning is open and that there is a length limit after confirming whether it will cause the bar code to be read.Windows Barcode Scanner

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