Win10 Mobile Users: Microsoft, Also Scan Me

- Jun 15, 2018-

Windows Barcode Scanner.jpgBing image is a function in the WP8 system. It can be used to scan barcodes, two-dimensional codes, etc. This function was gradually abandoned in WP8.1. First, the Bing image button was removed, and then the barcode scanning was canceled until Win10. Mobile disappeared completely.

This function is still relatively convenient, does not require a rectangular frame, but also allows the bar / two-dimensional code there is a large deformation, but Microsoft is still discarded, this approach is tantamount to self-defeating martial arts.

A long time ago, some netizens had proposed suggestions to bring back this function in the forum or Microsoft community, but at least in the current version has not been restored. Of course, you can use the "virtual rabbit" or "scanning sweep" tools developed by the soft media.

Ironically, Microsoft Bing team is planning to regain this feature, but it is for iOS users.

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