Which Scanner Is Used To Scan The Invoice QR Code?

- Sep 21, 2018-

In order to prevent the spread of false invoices and strengthen the management of ordinary invoices, the national tax system is equipped with a batch of special invoices for invoices of the State Administration of Taxation, which are used for the identification of invoices and authenticity. The invoice scanner scans the invoice, and the various information of the invoice immediately enters the invoice comparison system, which can quickly identify the authenticity of the invoice obtained by the enterprise, thereby reducing the losses caused by the false invoice to the enterprise and eliminating the loss of the national tax.

It is understood that the use of online invoices is now popular. The online invoice refers to the online invoice issued by the merchant to log in to the tax invoicing system provided by the tax authorities. By issuing a network invoice, the tax authorities and taxpayers can communicate online. Each time a taxpayer issues an invoice, the taxpayer can access the invoice management information system of the tax authority in real time for tracking management.

Since the implementation of the most stringent invoicing rules, many people are worried about how to invoice faster. The same is true for our engineers. After several consecutive nights, we developed a software that supports lightning invoicing. It can help users to invoicing more quickly and conveniently. To install this software, simply scan the Alipay/WeChat billing data QR code with a scanner.

If the merchants want to use the lightning invoicing function, then an invoice scanner that can scan the electronic screen code is essential.

With the popularity of lightning invoicing, whether you are a business user or an offline merchant, as long as you will be involved in invoicing, the QR code scanner will be an indispensable helper in your work.

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