Where Get The PDA Market

- Jun 22, 2016-

Logistics and express delivery. Available in income sent waybill data mining, transit farm / warehouse data acquisition, by scanning the bar code express way, the waybill information through 3G module directly transmitted to the backend server, while achieving query functions related business information. Orders recipient, no orders recipient, sending pieces, business inquiries,

Logistics. Typical tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, postal delivery, there are major commodity worth developing manufacturer of terminal distribution, drug distribution, plant logistics of a large factory, warehouse to warehouse logistics company transport.

Chains / stores / counters data collection. Shops for import and sale, storage, disk, transfer, withdrawal, collection and transmission of data set and members of management, but also realize the store inventory.

Shoes ordering. Shoes and apparel industry for wireless ordering, wireless communication technology based on WIFI, through pin state PDA handheld terminal barcode scanning the way ordering site, the order data wirelessly transmitted back ordering system, while achieving query, statistics and analysis.

Card Management. Used to manage a variety of IC card and contactless IC card, such as identity cards, membership cards, and so on. Card management by definition is to manage various contact / non-contact IC card, the scanner using its major extensions of the contact / non-contact IC card reader.

Bill management. Data collection for theater tickets, train tickets, attractions tickets and other ticket unit.

Three tables Metering. In the foreseeable future, this is a relatively large capacity market. Three tables meter reading meter reading integrated extensions mainly electricity infrared, bar code scanning and data communications.

Mobile government, mobile police. When Kejiqiangjing not just a slogan after, police equipment technology content increasing, especially police, police, and Interpol has also started with a mobile data device, which is equipped with hand-held terminals, providing a stronger police effective policing tool. In addition to police, the current health, urban management, taxation and so the executive branch have begun to try to use a handheld terminal to regulate administrative operations, while improving administrative efficiency. Handsets are mobile police used mainly GPRS / CDMA data and voice communications, IC card reader, the future may also require fingerprint, match and so on.

Forestry data acquisition. PDA used in field surveys and data collection, and achieved very good results. In a second class of forest resources survey and collection, accounting for forest planning and design work greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the survey design. PDA in Forest Management Inventory can be divided into two parts, one combined internal or external GPS tracking survey carried out now, and second, data collection records.

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