When I Encounter A Barcode Scanner, I Can’t Scan It Suddenly.

- Mar 20, 2019-

When the barcode scanner is suddenly scanned, the scanner can't scan the barcode. In this case, you must first understand clearly. Is it possible to scan the barcode but not upload it or laser but not the barcode? You can scan the barcode but not upload it to the computer. The computer is not connected to the scanner. If it is wired, check the port and cable. If it is wireless, reset the paired receiver.

There are also several possible reasons for the following:

1. The function of reading such a bar code is not turned on;

2. The bar code does not conform to the specification. For example, the necessary blank area is missing, the contrast between the bar and the space is too low, and the width and width ratio of the bar and the space are not suitable;

3. Direct sunlight, the photosensitive device enters the saturation zone;

4. The bar code surface is covered with transparent material, and the reflection degree is too high. Although the eye can see the bar code, the collector has strict reading conditions and cannot read it.

5. Hardware failure, contact your dealer for repair.

In the process of using, you will also encounter such a situation. After reading a barcode, the scanner will crash. Due to the protection function of the scanner, if the barcode data transmitted is incorrect, it will automatically enter the protection state, thus preventing data lost. If the data that has not been successfully transferred is read, the scanner can be reused. If this happens, please check the connection and agreement carefully. After confirming that it is correct, turn off the scanner and turn it on again to resume normal use.

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