What Should I Do If I Can't Scan The Barcode When I Scan The Code Gun?

- Mar 15, 2019-

The scan code gun is a tool for identifying barcodes. When the scan code gun suddenly scans out the barcode, it may not be a bad code, but the method is useless. Hongxing Yongli has a wealth of experience in scanning code guns. The summary of problems can be eliminated by the following methods:

First, we must analyze whether the barcode printed by the barcode is complete. Of course, you can't buy a professional detector. The average user can see if the barcode is complete. It is well known that the barcode is composed of black and white bars according to the corresponding standards. All you can see if the printed black bar is clear. If there are some white dots on the black bar, it can be said that the bar code is not very good, but the scanner with better performance can be read out. If it is black bar It is not fully explained that the barcode is completely unreadable. It is recommended to detect the device that prints the barcode.

Second, check whether the printed barcode is complete, and whether the printed barcode exceeds the boundary of the label. According to the principle of barcode scanner scanning, the barcode must be complete from left to right. Each black bar and white bar has its meaning. Incomplete bar code can't be scanned even if it is a high-end scanner.

Third, check the printed bar code is what the code system is the type of bar code, usually the common code system on the market is code 128, code39, code93, EAN-13, etc., if the code system you print is not in this range, then you must Turn on the scanning function of the other code system of the barcode scanner. Special note: Many customers will use CODE93 code to print, some scanners do not open CODE93, so you must set it.

Fourth, check whether the scan code gun is intact, the method is very simple: we have some barcodes everywhere, if the beverage bottles, books, food packaging, these barcodes are printed, the quality is very good, if the barcode scanner is still These barcodes cannot be scanned, indicating that the barcode scanner is faulty.

5. Check whether the barcode is closely related. Due to the limitation of the barcode label width, some barcodes are too long and must be scaled down to be completely printed. The barcode scanner is divided into a common scanner and a high-precision barcode scanner. If it is not a high-density scanner, it will not be able to sweep the bar code with a high density. This is the problem that the selected scan gun and barcode print content does not match. The method of detecting matching mismatch is very simple, and it is possible to first print a barcode label whose data content is not long.

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