What Brand Of Fixed Scanner Is Used In The Express Logistics Cabinet?

- Feb 05, 2019-

The logistics cabinet can be seen everywhere in life. The express logistics cabinet is a kind of equipment used in the express delivery industry. It is used in the terminal distribution stage to realize the automatic sending and receiving and remote query and control of the express parcel, so that the recipient can not receive the express in time. In the case, the courier can store the courier in a certain place, so that the recipient can receive the courier better. In fact, the courier logistics cabinet is combined with the personal mobile phone to scan the locker through the mobile phone QR code. The recognizer can take out its own object. For this implementation process, the information of the locker is sent to your mobile phone by the courier, and you can directly use the mobile phone information scanning identifier to complete.

Fixed scanner for logistics cabinets

   With the rapid development of the logistics industry, it is particularly important for the future logistics express deposit. At present, SF, Shentong, Zhongtong, Yunda and ProLogis jointly issued announcements to jointly create express delivery cabinets in various regions, and are committed to research and development. The company operates a 24-hour self-service open platform for many express delivery companies and e-commerce logistics, intelligent express cabinets, to improve platform-based express delivery and interactive services. Make express logistics more intelligent and faster.

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