Warehouse Management Solutions In The Transportation And Logistics Industry

- Sep 21, 2018-

Shortages, discrepancies, and damage can happen, but they don't necessarily have a negative impact on your downstream processes or your ability to respond to customer needs. With a receipt solution, you can collect electronic data in real time at the time of receipt, send it to the Warehouse Management System (WMS), and quickly check the order details with Advance Shipment Notification (ASN) and GS1 information.

Simplify operation

Confirm and verify the goods in real time by scanning barcodes, RFID tags or RMA tags. The mobile process makes the receiving staff more efficient and accurate.

Improve accuracy

Clearly understand where each item should be located to speed up storage, avoid errors, and provide traceable audit trails.

Strengthen communication

Ensure consistent, continuous voice and data communications across the warehouse and freight yard. Access, collect, and send information from anywhere in your warehouse via wireless devices.

Warehousing and replenishment

Accurately return each item

To maintain the best inventory levels in your warehouse, you need to accurately record relevant product information and locations during the restocking and warehousing process. This is important for warehouse operations such as picking, cycle counting, and upsizing, ensuring smooth operation. Inbound and replenishment solutions can be used with your Warehouse Management System (WMS) to enable employee mobility and easy access to the exact location and inventory of goods.

Analyze inventory turnover

Know when to stock or replenish so that the inventory planner can accurately predict the purchase cycle and production schedule.

Flexible office environment

Help employees to complete the warehousing work efficiently and accurately. Provides the handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted devices needed to enable instant communication between employees in the warehouse.

Drive business growth

Avoid out-of-stock situations and reduce unnecessary sales losses through fast replenishment in place and WMS.

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