Warehouse Management Application Barcode Solution

- Jul 05, 2018-

Barcode Warehouse Management System Solution is a warehouse management system mobile application solution based on bar code, RFID (radio frequency identification: including electronic tags and readers) technology, integrated warehouse management system for mobile barcode applications, enabling it to establish a complete warehouse The system application of the management system and the bar code system is the wireless warehouse management system WMS combined with the ERP system. It is the most advanced warehouse cargo management application solution. The solution adopts mobile information exchange technology MIE (production informationization), which is convenient for enterprises. The warehousing process for realizing workshop production and supply procurement can be easily solved, and the real-time information flow of the enterprise can be completely guaranteed. This scheme realizes chain control of the warehousing operation information and receives the delivery notification plan by connecting PLC (the core of data collection and processing). Return to the warehouse to implement the distribution, data collection is automatically integrated.

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