Two-dimensional Code Level Barcode Detector Detection Method

- Feb 28, 2019-

How to detect the QR code level barcode detector? The barcode detector is an instrument for detecting the barcode level, which can detect which grade the barcode belongs to, whether it is qualified, and whether it meets the requirements.

The indicator lights are divided into A, B, C, D, E, and F. A, B, C, and D generally indicate the bar code level. Under normal conditions, the D level is unqualified. And F means that it is not qualified, because the level of bar code detection has multiple indicators to control, and F level means that many items are not up to standard.

Qualified barcodes should have the following conditions:

1, bar code color and packaging contrast should be large

2, the outer frame should be far from the bar code

3, less bar code glitch

4, to be clearer

5, the surface should be smooth, preferably white black strip

Professional nouns:

The distance between the frame and the bar code: the width of the quiet zone should be no less than 6mm (or 19 times the module width).

Quiet zone: the distance from the outermost black line of the barcode to the border

Module: refers to the smallest bar or space in the barcode

Bar code detector detection method:

For the light pen type detector, the pen tip should be placed on the left side of the bar code symbol when scanning, and the pen body should be inclined at an angle of 15 degrees with the vertical line (or tilted at a certain angle according to the instrument manual). Such bar code detectors typically have plastic support blocks that maintain a constant scan angle during scanning. In addition, it should be ensured that the surface of the bar code symbol is flat. If the surface is undulating or irregular, the scanning operation will be unstable, and the result of the bar code detection will be incorrect. The light pen barcode detector should sweep across the surface of the bar code symbol at an appropriate speed. The number of scans can be as many as 10 times, and each time you should sweep through different positions of the symbol. The inspector can master the optimal speed of scanning barcodes through practice. If the scan is too fast or too slow, the instrument will not decode successfully, and some instruments will also prompt the scan speed.

For bar code detectors that use moving beams (typically lasers) or motor-driven scan heads, the starting point of the scanning beam should be outside the blank area of the bar code symbol and its scan path will pass completely through the bar code symbol. By moving the scan head up and down in the bar code height direction, the bar code symbol can be scanned 10 times at different positions, and some instruments can automatically complete this operation.

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