Two-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Auto Label Printing Solutions

- Apr 06, 2016-

Most auto parts label labeling cartons, some plastic packaging labeling, there is a small number of special requirements. Therefore, the most common are self-adhesive coated paper can meet the requirements. Some paste it directly into a waterproof, abrasion temperature and other requirements can choose synthetic paper tag or label products such as PET film class member. There are some, such as car seats and other automotive products manufacturing printed labels cloth standard, Marks tab.

 Auto parts identification labels have a more significant feature is that the label needs Logo Logo and fixed text with a car brand. Based on the identification label with Logo, there will be a variety of product types and models, will generally need to have a bar code.

 Auto Parts Auto Parts label barcode labels

Dimensional scanner auto label printing ribbon selection

 Barcode label printer ribbon is an essential printing supplies, thermal transfer ribbons are ribbons, ink-jet and laser printing with respect to the principles, content ribbon thermal transfer printing can be more delicate and clear, better adhesion .

  Select the ribbon in addition to the matching tag materials, should also consider other performance requirements such as the need to print the contents of abrasion, water and the like. Most auto barcode label printing selected mixing ribbon, mixed base ribbon with coated paper label printing can meet the basic performance requirements of rubbing, rubbing some of the less demanding label and save time is not very long economical choice wax ribbon, other special circumstances corresponding to the selected performance requirements of the ribbon.

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