The System Part Of The Barcode Scanner

- Oct 20, 2017-

In the actual lead the process of spare parts, still using paper and paper account management, resulting in low efficiency library, spare parts inventory information is not accurate, such as the note on the location of the wrong number, picking process is lost, the number of individual bags Identify unknown, receipt, shelves and inventory time-consuming, inaccurate and so on. In order to solve these problems, the wireless bar code scanning technology "applies to the production process of the spare parts library, the establishment of each warehouse dynamic (real-time) management system to achieve paperless multi-level information management model to improve the efficiency of spare parts warehouse and Spare parts inventory information accuracy.Barcode Scanner

The wireless bar code scanning system is composed of three parts: data acquisition and transmitting device, mainly by the Symbol MC3000 data acquisition device; data receiving and terminal interface circuit, by AP5131 data processing, and the terminal host for data transmission; HOST host database management system , The collection of bar code data management and application.Barcode Scanner It is equipped with a rotary scanning user bracket that can be rotated to the left, right, and forward. In the high intensity scanning application, the scanning position is adjusted to make the scanning operation more comfortable, reduce the fatigue of the user and improve the working rate. 320 x 320 pixels, color / monochrome display (with backlight), compared with VGA resolution increased by 30%, improve the scanning accuracy; support 802.11b / g WLAN connection; to achieve real-time data exchange.Barcode Scanner

According to the actual operation of the spare parts warehouse, its business is divided into three types: spare parts wireless scanning out of the library, spare parts wireless scanning emergency outage and spare parts inventory, and the module design. Spare parts wireless scanning out of the library is the most important operation of the spare parts library business, according to the production requirements of the spare parts sector, in the spare parts library management system to enter the relevant information received with spare parts and confirmed that the use of departmental pickers will confirm the resulting The warehouse manager who has notified the warehouse manager and the spare part from the wireless scanner to read the location number on the picking list number, scan the bar code on the location, confirm or modify the number of spare parts, remove from the location Spare parts, print picks. Check out the spare parts and complete the operation.Barcode Scanner

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