The Mobile Phone Displays The QR Code Electronic Voucher As A Ticket

- Nov 02, 2018-

With the development of bar code technology, the application of mobile phone two-dimensional code electronic ticket is increasingly widespread. Recently, Dazhen Barcode and local gate integrators recommended this application for a commercial exhibition when booking tickets. Exhibitors only need to book tickets through the mobile phone to get the QR code tickets, without having to exchange paper tickets, they will enter the venue with electronic voucher.

According to reports, the citizens purchase tickets through the official WeChat of the organizer of the exhibition. After the order is completed, the self-generated QR code electronic voucher. At the time of admission, the public will brush the QR code on the mobile phone on the scanning window of the smart gate channel at the entrance of the exhibition. Once the verification is successful, they can enter the exhibition. The use of QR code electronic tickets also brings the following benefits to the sponsor:


(1) Paperless tickets can cut costs;


(2) Due to sales to fixed users, it can be promoted through WeChat before launching;


(3) If you have an accident or disaster on the day of the launch, you can quickly notify everyone;


(4) It is convenient to conduct a questionnaire survey or convey information afterwards because of the prior knowledge of the users present;


(5) If the information about the purchaser can be obtained at the time of ticket sales, the user can be analyzed.


In the case of ticket inspection, the QR code electronic ticket can be verified by swiping in the ticket inspection area. No need to manually tear the coupon, and an average ticket can be checked in 2 seconds, which is convenient and quick, and also reduces labor costs. . Due to the special requirements of the two-dimensional code electronic ticket identification, not all barcode scanning engines can meet the above requirements, but Dazhen has passed the multi-party test to verify that the barcode scanning engine can easily scan the barcode on the screen of the mobile phone.


As the core component of the mobile phone QR code electronic ticket identification channel gate, the barcode scanning engine can easily read the barcode when the mobile phone has insufficient power, mobile phone screen film, color barcode, etc., which not only improves the customer experience, but also accelerates the customer circulation. It is the bar code identification module choice for domestic and foreign gate manufacturers!

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