The Logistics Locker Is Embedded In The Scanning Module.

- Nov 30, 2018-

With the development of two-dimensional code recognition technology, scanning code recognition technology has been introduced in various industries. I believe that our life has been closely related to barcode recognition. In the past, the way to send couriers was very simple. Nowadays, in order to solve the problems of inconvenient delivery and inconvenient location, the city has introduced logistics lockers, which have largely solved many of the problems in traditional courier delivery. problem.

Such lockers can be used to pick up or send mail by scanning code. The scanning module is embedded in the scanning window. According to the small series research, the fixed barcode scanner module adopts international leading decoding technology for the application scene. The module has the ability to read fouling/defective barcodes; it also has good screen reading ability, and the ability to read barcodes is very strong even under complex light sources;


The fixed barcode scanner module adopts the internationally leading decoding technology to quickly read various types of 1D/2D barcodes and various types of large-volume screen 2D barcodes. The infrared sensing module of the product coexists with the light sensing. When the scanned object approaches the scanning window, the device can be activated instantly and quickly read.


Moreover, the characteristics of the product are excellent, the infrared and light double trigger modes, the infrared sensor and the light sensor coexist at the same time. When the scanned object is close to the window, the device can be started instantly and quickly read.


The application scenario is not limited to logistics lockers, and it is very easy to embed the scanning windows of self-service cabinets, gates, and various O2O applications.

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