The History Of PDA

- Oct 10, 2017-

Like the name "PDA", it is similar to our desktops in many ways. For example, it also has CPU, memory, display chip and operating system. And just as PCs have a Mac and Windows camp, PDAs also have Palm and PPC points, the main difference being in the operating system. However, the function of the PDA is basically the same, can be used to remember, document editing, playing games, playing multimedia, through the built-in or external wireless card network and so on. And through many third-party software, you can also see e-books, image Processing, external GPS card navigation and so on.PDA

This is the simplest of all PDA products. Its main function is to provide Chinese and English translation, telephone number storage, English word reading and other functions, its characteristics are all of its programs are solidified in memory, so the storage capacity is limited, the function is also relatively single and does not have extensibility. But these products also have their incomparable advantages. If they are more targeted, provide the required functions, such as games, calculations, notes and so on. In addition, it has the characteristics of small size, simple operation and so on.PDA

Of course, now some new electronic dictionaries also provide the function of communication. With additional connection kits, you can exchange data with computers and similar products. There are also some electronic notebooks on the market, which focus on remembering and day-to-day business management. These products tend to store a larger capacity, but the essence of the same as the electronic dictionary, its programs are solidified on the storage chip, and also do not have the ability to expand. The typical representative of such products is our familiar business communication.PDA

The digital world will only use this kind of handheld computer as a PDA, but also represents the true meaning of the PDA. Because it has almost all the functions of a general home computer. The biggest feature of palmtop computers is that they have their own operating systems, which are generally cured in ROM. Its use of storage equipment is more expensive IC flash memory, the capacity is generally in MB or so. Handheld computers generally do not have a keyboard, using handwriting and soft keyboard input, while equipped with a standard serial port, infrared access and built-in modem, in order to connect the PC and the Internet.PDA

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