The Gate Channel Is Embedded With The QR Code Scanning Module To Improve Management Efficiency And Safety Performance.

- Sep 21, 2018-

Pedestrian passage gates have been used in all walks of life. Wherever there are entrances and exits, gates can be installed for personnel access management. With the rapid development of urbanization and information technology, there are more and more urban floating populations. People's requirements for security and public security management in travel, residence, office, entertainment and other occasions are also rising, especially the entrances and exits that are closely related to people. management. PBOC management often faces problems such as high traffic volume, difficulty, low efficiency, high labor costs, and limited data collection and management decisions.

In the field of public transportation, how much does the pedestrian channel gate embed bar code scanner play at the entrance and exit? For example, subway stations, high-speed railway stations, railway stations, bus stations, airports, customs, etc., these occasions have high traffic flow, difficult control, and manual Management is time-consuming, inefficient, and vulnerable, and its management efficiency and security need to be improved. In the field of commercial office buildings, enterprises have strong demand for personnel management and high-frequency access control; in the residential real estate sector, strengthen community security. Manage and enhance the security and residential experience of the residents; compared with the traditional manual management, the application of the barcode scanning application can greatly improve the security and reliability, and manage the internal personnel and visitors. Management level.

In addition to being used in the above fields, the entrance and exit gates can also be used in government agencies, factories, scenic spots, schools, banks, playgrounds, leisure places, and the like.

The bar code scanning pedestrian channel gate machine can realize one person and one code by embedding the barcode scanner on the original equipment, and the scanning code is over the gate. The control not only reduces the manpower management cost, but also improves the management efficiency and safety level.

Two-dimensional scanning module, special scanning module for intelligent access control gate channel. The product is powerful and can read bar code information on mobile phone screens and paper documents. Mainly used in electronic voucher, mobile marketing, office automation and other fields. FM30 barcode scanning module embeds high-performance processing chip: fast decoding speed, reading accuracy and capability; LCD reading capability: high-performance mobile phone barcode reader, literacy reaches the international advanced level; high-speed reading: for different mobile phone LCD screens, Generally, it has different contrast, color and reflection degree. The scanner can be quickly read. It is easy to use: you can read the parameters provided in the user manual to set the parameters of the scanner to make the scanner achieve good. Working status.

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