The Difference Between Mobile PC And Mobile Computer

- Aug 15, 2017-

             The difference between a mobile PC and a laptop: The main difference is that the mobile PC accessories are mainly made of desktops, while the notebooks are mostly accessories for laptop computers.Mobile Computer

             1 about the battery: the mobile PC generally does not have the built-in battery, but the power supply is through the AC power supply, the recently listed mobile PC also has built-in batteries, but because of its use of desktop accessories power consumption, so the battery is short, often caused by the phenomenon of panic, and the notebook is fully equipped with built-in dedicated battery, the use of a long time.Mobile Computer

             2 about PC Card slots: The mobile PC basically does not support PCMCIA's various interfaces, but the notebook computer all has the various PC expansion slots, can conveniently realize the various peripheral product connection.

             3 about the main components of the CPU: Mobile PC CPU is the use of desktop CPU, many for the P4 series, while the notebook CPU is mostly used notebook computer-specific mobile CPU, the current notebook mainstream CPU is c4-m and-series. The motherboard of mobile PC is basically SIS integrated integration motherboard, memory also uses common SDRAM, DDR memory is less, hard disk is mostly 5400 turn of small capacity. and notebook computer CPU, motherboard, memory and hard disk are dedicated.

             4 about the performance: Mobile PC uses the desktop accessories, in the performance can not be compared with the use of special accessories notebook computer. While some mobile PCs are now more sophisticated, they are far more cumbersome than notebooks.

             5 About the heat dissipation: mobile PC because of the use of desktop accessories, so the calorific value and power consumption, this is the mobile PC will often crash reasons. And the notebook computer generally uses the advanced copper heat pipe heat conduction technology, with the intelligent heat dissipation fan, the independent heat dissipation space, guaranteed the system operation stability.Mobile Computer

             6 About Price: mobile PC Because of the use of desktop accessories, the price is lower than the notebook computer, and the notebook used in the mainstream configuration, the general price will be above million yuan.Mobile Computer

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