The Cinema Self-service Ticket Machine Is Embedded In The Two-dimensional Scanning Module To Realize Self-service For Ticket Collection.

- Nov 15, 2018-

The emergence of mobile Internet makes our life more and more intelligent, and mobile payment is the core element of smart life. Mobile payment is not only a representation of the upgrading of payment means, but also an upgrade of social governance, credit system and financial services. From the point of view of consumption habits, mobile payment has been integrated into all aspects of daily life such as eating, drinking, traveling, paying for medical treatment, and government affairs.

Cinema cinema, ticketing and ticketing methods are no longer limited. In the cinema, we can see a self-service ticket machine. The operation is very simple. Follow the on-screen prompts until the final payment link. Open the corresponding QR code of the mobile phone and swipe the scanning window to complete the ticket collection. It takes only a short time to get the ticket to watch the movie.


Basically, many cinemas will be equipped with several such self-service ticket pickers. How can they achieve such intelligence?


     It turns out that self-service terminals like this need to be embedded in the 2D scanning module to achieve the fast function of self-service payment.

For such self-service terminals, the two-dimensional scanning module can be embedded not only into the cinema self-service ticket collecting machine for scanning code to pick up tickets, but also embedded in the self-service vending machine for the mobile phone barcode payment function and the conference sign-in terminal for scanning code check-in. and many more. The scope of application is very wide!

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