The Application Of Barcode Scanner

- Aug 09, 2017-

     The reading performance of the encoder is high, not only durable but also easy to use, is the industrial hand-held reader, without complex settings, open the product box can be read immediately. It has a patented algorithm of Kang-resistance, can be high-speed, accurate reading of damage, deterioration, scratches, reflection, low contrast and distortion of the bar code, but also to read directly on the metal printing or engraving of the DPM code. A reader can deal with a wide range of reading uses, such as: glossy label, inkjet direct printing, laser engraving and so on. The encoder has a replaceable module communication interface, which can deal with USB, USB keyboard, RS-232 and wireless communication.Barcode Scanner
    The encoder has the industry's first industrial communications and liquid lens technology (autofocus function), durable, and bar code size, quality, printing methods, printing literal, can be a higher reading rate to deal with all kinds of bar code. Through patented technology illumination and powerful read algorithm, even the reading on the metal directly lettering, engraving complex DPM, can also play its power. The encoder adopts replaceable modular communication, which can be easily replaced with RS-232, USB, industrial Ethernet, and wireless communication. The wireless model, even if the battery is ready or in the communication range, also has a readable code of large capacity memory, can be carried to any place in the factory for use.Barcode Scanner
    The reader can read the DPM or degraded barcode two-dimensional code with a large change due to different printing literal material, its shell is lightweight, compact and solid, with built-in calibration equipment, it is based on ESD protection countermeasures (electrostatic countermeasure) reader. The code reader has independently developed new technology VSOC (Vision system on Chip), in a number of reading encoder products, the realization of the outstanding high-speed reading, in maintaining the epoch-making high reading rate, but also achieved 1,000 times/sec Super high-speed image acquisition, so in the circulation of production and circulation of the line, play high reading performance. In addition, the code reader also has a field-replaceable built-in lighting and liquid lens technology (autofocus function), even if not the target object positioning, can accurately read bar code.Barcode Scanner

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