Technical Development Requirements Of PDA

- Sep 13, 2017-

     With high illumination efficiency, long lasting and small volume, LED has become a portable equipment, such as mobile phones and PDA, the inevitable choice, About 0.1W Low power white light LED is currently widely used in LCD display panel backlight and keyboard lighting, of course, can also be connected with a number of LEDs to bring higher brightness as a temporary lighting or flash applications, and up to 1W high-power LED is used in a 2 million-megapixel, or even more high-resolution camera phone to support the dark environment in the photo function. In addition to White LED, RGB (red, green, blue) light LED is often used to enhance the texture of mobile phones, through three of colors accurately and properly mixed, RGB led can create a rich variety of colors.PDA

     In the indication application, when there is a call or message that allows the color led to blink, or use color to display the speaker's identity, such as a defined group, such as a friend, family or business contacts calls, this feature not only for mobile phones to bring personalized, but also in a very noisy environment is very useful.PDA

     In order to further enhance the user's audio-visual feeling, RGB led also used to produce many attractive effects, one example is the RGB light-emitting action and the Bell Melody or MP3 music to sync, another RGB luminescent interesting application is the Japanese Panasonic Company's "Feel Talk" function, Because the RGB LED is arranged under the chassis of the mobile phone, it can display different colors according to the user's mood.PDA

     At present, the most common cell in mobile phone and PDA is lithium ion or lithium polymer rechargeable battery, the rated voltage range of rechargeable batteries using lithium materials is 3.6v~3.7V, the operating voltage is 4.2v~3.2V, in order to ensure safe operation, this type of lithium battery can only be charged or discharged within 1C range PDA

    Here c is determined by the rated capacity of the battery, for example 1, the highest discharge current of the 000mAh battery is 1 A, the battery capacity of the mobile phone is usually used between 650~1, 000mAh. To improve the efficiency of the battery, a new lithium-ion battery with different cathode materials has been developed. When using such batteries, the design engineer shall comply with the electrical specifications and adjust the driving circuit accordingly.PDA

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