Technical Details Of Barcode Scanner

- Sep 13, 2017-

     In the actual process of receiving the spare parts, still using paper and pen bookkeeping management mode, resulting in low efficiency, spare parts inventory information is inaccurate, such as the location of the note on the wrong place, the picking process note lost, a single packaging bag number of unknown, receiving, shelves and inventory time-consuming, inaccurate and so on. In order to solve these problems, the wireless barcode scanning technology is applied to the process of picking and discharging of spare parts storehouse, the dynamic (real-time) management system of each piece warehouse is set up, and the paperless multilevel information management mode is realized to improve the efficiency of spare parts warehouse and the accuracy of spare parts inventory information.Barcode Scanner

     The wireless bar code scanning system consists of 3 parts: Data acquisition and transmitting device, mainly by symbol MC3000 data acquisition device, data receiving and terminal interface circuit, AP5131 to data processing, and data transmission with terminal host; host database management system, To the collection of bar code data management and application. In the construction of this system, all wireless scanners are connected to the background database through a wireless APSl31 pickup LAN. The foreground is configured with wireless scanners, barcode printers (print barcode labels), printers (print out/store documents).Barcode Scanner

     With left, right, rotating rotary scan user bracket, in high-intensity scanning application, by adjusting the scanning position, make the scanning operation more comfortable, reduce the user's fatigue, improve the working rate; Resolution $number x 320 pixels, Color/monochrome display (with background light), 30% higher resolution compared to VGA , the accuracy of the scan was improved, and the support 802. 11b/g WLAN Connection;Barcode Scanner

    Adopt rugged mechanical design and dual-frequency 802. 11a/b/g architecture; supports the current Skeleton Standard security protocol, provides enterprise-level protection for users, and provides a simple and Easy-to-use network connectivity solution for remote office workers through a single device that provides wired and wireless network connectivity with enterprise-class performance and security. The location number bar code. Each unit location of the spare parts warehouse is pasted with a dedicated location barcode. Barcode Scanner

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