Suning Tesco, To Achieve Cloud E-commerce Warehousing Full-site Management

- Dec 22, 2018-

Suning Tesco, is the B2C online store of Suning Appliance Group. It was put into trial operation in 2009, with a scale of purchase of hundreds of billion yuan, and more than 3,000 after-sales service outlets in 1000 distribution points in more than 30 provinces across the country.

Because the business area covers the whole country, and you want to complete the goods out of the warehouse, transportation and distribution within the promised time limit, you must solve the problems of different warehouses, goods transfer, distribution, etc., through a loop of data link Analysis to improve the efficiency of warehousing.

In order to solve the problems faced by e-commerce warehousing companies, Suning Tesco adopted the "cloud-based" e-commerce warehousing industry solution proposed by Zhilian Tiandi of the New World.

The solution integrates the mobile application software and the PC-side operating program used by the e-commerce enterprise into a set of application software, and carries the warehouse management mobile intelligent terminal to realize the comprehensive coverage of the warehouse distribution chain under the e-commerce mode.

In this tailor-made solution, the industry handheld terminal N2S000 is integrated, which can read all kinds of complex barcodes and meet the needs of different storage environments.

At the same time, N2S000 intelligent terminal docked Suning back-end management system, customized processing in the display interface, scanning configuration, security management, etc., to achieve the salesman's warehouse storage, inventory, outbound, exception handling and data analysis. Features.

Merchants can publish or edit goods, intelligent logistics traceability, real-time inventory management, etc., anytime, anywhere, subvert traditional work methods and processes, and improve work efficiency.

The data acquisition, processing and transmission of the professional handheld terminal N2S000 are used to help Suning Tesco quickly set up an operational information platform to realize data sharing.

Cross-platform e-commerce operation full link management, complete the unified management of order, warehousing, procurement, after-sales, logistics, to ensure full process monitoring. It can also choose the courier company according to factors such as price, timeliness and service quality, reduce operating costs, comprehensively standardize the operation mode of e-commerce enterprises, and effectively improve management efficiency.

N2S000 adopts three-proof structure design, body material, screw, touch screen, etc.

1.5m drop, easy to pass

The device supports watering for a long time, raining, and supporting wet hands.

Stable operation at high and low temperatures

Scanning angle humanization

User-friendly scanning engine angle design, one-person fast operation with one hand, screen display can be observed when multi-angle scanning operation.

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