Sensors And Barcode Scanners Can Also Be Used To Play Games

- Jun 30, 2018-

Those who like to watch live broadcasts should all understand that the anchors sometimes make unexpected moves to attract players' attention, and what they do with their feet and dance machines is simply refreshing player awareness. In Germany, there is a LOL anchor who likes to operate "League of Legends" in a strange manner. Let's take a look at his "Sales Operation" today!

Barcode Scanner Play League of Legends

Windows Barcode Scanner.jpg

    In fact, this principle is very simple, that is, the QWERDF and other buttons are mapped into the tune code, and then one mouse, one mouse, one keyboard, one hand... Oh, it is a bar code scanner, when you need to use the skills, scan the corresponding barcode.

However, this kind of gameplay, the left hand has been suspended should be very tired.

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