Scanning Module, Smart Bus Starts Online!

- Nov 30, 2018-

The subway “Cloud Gate Machine” was put into operation in Guangzhou not long ago. Now the subway is no longer limited to one transportation card. It is easy to solve the problem in transportation with only the mobile phone. Recently, some public transportation buses in the city have also realized the scanning of public transportation. This kind of payment terminal has brought great convenience to the general public. The concept of such a scheme is to turn the portable smart phone into a smooth bus card, realize the mobile payment APP to carry out the bus ride and the passenger self-service “printing and paying” function, thereby helping the public transportation industry customers to integrate high-quality functional services. Improve passenger travel experience.


What is the specific process of paying by public transport?


Basic process:


(1) The user opens Alipay or WeChat wallet, clicks “Payment”, enters the payment page, and the mobile phone displays the payment code.


(2) The payment terminal scans the payment code and initiates a payment request to the bus payment system.


(3) The bus payment system calls the corresponding payment interface, and returns the result to the terminal after completing the payment.


Capital flow:


The system deducts money in real time, and the funds enter the bus company account.

Most payment terminals like public transport choose embedded scanning modules to realize cloud payment!


The reason why the scanning module can sneak into many terminal devices is because the scanning module can easily read various printing media such as paper, plastic card, LCD, and bar code on the display medium, and has strong performance. Its fully integrated design requires minimal installation space and is extremely lightweight, making it easy to embed in a variety of product applications, such as self-service ordering machines, self-service payment machines, and bus payment machines.

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