Scan Information Of Barcode Scanner

- Oct 31, 2017-

Is it possible to enter data into a specified cell in an Excel table by means of a barcode scan? A: Scanner scanning data is generally displayed at the cursor, you are talking about automatic sweep of the specified cell that's not going to work, you have to move the cursor to the cell you specified. The scan gun has two plugs, how to connect? How do I operate in a spreadsheet? ~ A: Scanner two plug (a male and female), the public head inserted in the computer $literal that is, the keyboard mouth, the other end of the keyboard can be. In the spreadsheet, the TAB key is used in general.Barcode Scanner

Data in the collection can not be deleted, can not enter the application software, the reaction speed is very slow. A: Please start your machine cold, generally, the machine will revert to the factory state, clear all the procedures and information, so please confirm that there is no important documents in the machine.Barcode Scanner 

Use this feature sparingly, and all subsequent loaded programs will not exist. How to cold start the machine, usually the back of the machine will have a pinhole, please insert with a paper clip. The infrared gun with the keyboard mouth can directly sweep the barcode value to the text box of VFP software? A: Yes, the keyboard is the equivalent of the keyboard, only the keyboard can input, then the keyboard port scanner can be sent to the data!Barcode Scanner

Development software needs to scan the details of the gun, to program it, but there is no market can be made of scanning guns, and scan the gun can scan all the bar code, including the market with bar code! Scanner has laser, but can not transfer data to the computer, what is the reason? A: Do you use a keyboard or serial port or other ports? Keyboard mouth words you can scan the keyboard port settings code, serial port you must have a serial read-write software, communication protocols, which you can find in the manual.Barcode Scanner

bar code, the mouth of the mouse, the computer will ring, in the reading code will be normal, the light is also normal, but a reading code, is not to read the data, also do not know whether it is a software problem, or bar code device problem? A: If your computer is a desktop, please connect the keyboard.Barcode Scanner

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