Product Design Barcode Printing Quality Analysis

- Apr 06, 2016-

According to Zhao Chen Article Numbering Center of China QC, director of China's current commodity supermarket bar code can be read rate of 95% can not read the bar code of goods quality problems occurred mainly in the bar code design, printing and other sectors. The main reason for failure of a product code is part of the small business product barcode poor quality consciousness. Some low commodity prices, small businesses reluctant to invest in the product barcode. In fact, China's enterprises to use low cost product code, sharing the single items is almost zero cost.

Barcode quality assurance in printing takes note the following main points:

1, Barcode color: As the bar code reader ships with a red light, red light in the red the highest reflectivity, and therefore must not be used as a red color strip, only as empty color; transparent or translucent printing support, you should disable their packaged goods within the same color as the color bar, so as not to reduce the strip, air contrast, the impact of reading; a metal such as aluminum foil reflective material as a carrier, the color of the body can be treated by roughening the layer of white or printed as a bar code on the body empty color without roughening of the body as a strip of reflective material color; color with metallic (eg gold) because of its reflectivity and gloss will cause specular reflection effect and affect the scanner read. Thus, with gold golden bar code is printed or reverse printed on the carrier as an empty color must be careful; when packaging design and bar code design color color conflict should be based on bar code design color changes colors prevail packaging design.

2, printing location: Design Barcode preferred location should be on the right side of the back half of the packaging area. While some product packaging bar code on the back of inappropriate placement, the other side for the lower half of the right side of the packaging area optional bar code placement. However, product barcode bulky or heavy items should not be placed on the bottom of the package. Under normal circumstances, the spacing bar code and product packaging near the edge of not less than 8mm or larger than 102mm, mainly convenient supermarket salesperson handheld scanning product.

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