Power Supply Voltage Of Mobile Computer

- Oct 31, 2017-

After starting the button, (green) color line at a low level, the main control IC inside the Oscillation circuit immediately start to produce pulse signal, after the promotion of the tube amplification, pulse signal through the transformer to the main switch to the base pole, so that the main switch tube in high-frequency switch state.Mobile Computer 

The main switch transformer output each group of voltage, after rectification and filtering to get each group of DC voltage, output to the motherboard. However, the CPU on the motherboard is still not started, the voltage must wait for V to rise from 0 to 95%, the IC detects v up to 4. When 75V, the IC emits a p. g signal, which causes the CPU to start and the computer to work properly. When the user shuts down, the Green Line is at a high level, the IC inside immediately stops oscillation, and the main switch tube stops working because there is no pulse signal. -12 to + 3.3 voltage drops to zero. The power supply is on standby.Mobile Computer

The stability of the output voltage depends on the change of the pulse width, which is called pulse width modulation PWM. The process from HVDC to low voltage multi-channel DC is also known as the DC Converter, which is the core technology of switching power supply. The obvious advantage of switching is that the conversion efficiency of electric energy is improved greatly, and the typical PC power supply efficiency is $number, and the efficiency of the corresponding linear power supply is only about 50%.Mobile Computer

It can filter the high-frequency clutter on the power line and the same phase interference signal, which constitutes the first line of defense against electromagnetic interference. Because this part of the circuit does not affect the normal operation of the power supply, a lot of cheap power will omit it. With the implementation of the 3 C certification system, in this section began to increase P f C (power factor correction) circuit, generally 3 C certified computer power supply, must increase P f C circuit.Mobile Computer 

PFC Circuit is already referred to as PFC, PFC circuit called power factor correction circuit, the higher the power factor, the greater the power utilization, the current PFC circuit has two ways: passive PFC (to be called passive PFC) and active PFC (aggressive PFC).Mobile Computer

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