Photographs Of Bar Code Photos Taken By Mobile Phone Can Also Open Supermarket Lockers

- Jun 30, 2018-

Recently, some netizens posted that the bar code of a supermarket's automatic locker could be unlocked by a mobile phone and could be opened with a mobile phone to align the photo with a scanner. At the same time, photos of the entire operation process are attached. The reporter took a look at the attitude. At about 10:30 a.m. on March 19th, he came to Ningxia Road RT-Mart.

Windows Barcode Scanner.jpg

The reporter followed the steps described on the Internet and first put the bag inside the 15th box of the 19th cabinet of the locker. Press the store button once to remove the bar code. The City News reporter took the barcode in his hand and took the barcode with his mobile phone in the other hand. After the barcode appears in the phone album, the reporter opens the album, finds the photo and scans it back and forth along the scan port. The test failed many times.

The reporter then looked for the reason for the failure, because the light was dark, and the barcode was taken in the hand, and the photo was blurred. The reporter then placed the bar code on the ground and then clearly photographed the bar code with the phone. The reporter then scanned the phone at the barcode scanning port. In the eyes of many citizens, a miracle happened. Only a "bang" was heard. The box No. 15 that was previously stored was opened.

If you take a photo of the barcode, you can open the locker. Is there a problem with the locker in the supermarket? In this regard, the reporter went to the Wal-Mart supermarket, Tesco supermarket, found that several supermarket lockers can be opened with this method.

So what is going on here? The reporter then contacted a manufacturer of bar code lockers. The staff explained: "The barcode is a one-dimensional code, the one-dimensional code is not encrypted, and the security is relatively low. As long as the barcode is complete, the laser scanner can generally read, so photos taken with a mobile phone or camera can be scanned successfully. The scanner of the locker determines the object information according to the black and white size of the barcode and the interval between the barcodes. Therefore, whether it is white paper or electronic photo, the angle and direction can be opened. Cabinet."

At the same time, the staff said that the new generation of scanners will improve this problem. "Now the new generation of scanners has an in-line structure, that is, the strip must be inserted into the scan port to take the object. This design can avoid the hidden dangers of electronic photo capture."

After the trials of multiple supermarkets were completed, many crowds of onlookers lamented that the lockers could be opened so easily. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? The reporter also found in the operation that as long as the photos are clear, the long-distance photos can be opened after the enlargement of the locker. For the public's concerns, the supermarket staff said: “When the bar code comes out, it is usually face down, and the probability of the bar code being photographed is very low. And the bar code in the picture must be completely clear and the scale is not valid until it is effective. And we haven't heard of such thefts in supermarkets." But the staff also reminded the public not to ignore the possibility of being photographed, not to put valuables in the lockers and to take care of keeping their bar codes.

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