Performance And Advantages Of Mobile Computer

- Oct 10, 2017-

I believe a lot of friends have noticed that the general professional people in the assembly or maintenance of computers, will wear electrostatic gloves. The reason they do this is that the harm of electrostatic to the computer is not to be ignored. Electrostatic problems haunted, very difficult to detect, but the harm is great, in addition to the computer irregularities can cause errors, but also may shorten the life of electronic components, or even directly burn electronic components. At present, many computer problems cause, in fact, electrostatic directly or indirectly caused.Mobile Computer

"Mobile PC" to replace the desktop, performance is the first place to replace. The same mobility as mobile PCs is a huge advantage in terms of performance, but it's also a problem: it's the ability to compute processing to match the desktop level. Therefore, since it is in the processing capacity to catch up with the desktop, then in the performance configuration, mobile PC is not "low profile" synonymous.Mobile Computer

In addition, "mobile PC" to replace the desktop, the price must also be attractive to users, and the notebook is not universal, the core is the price issue. Specifically, when the price of the mobile PC and the same performance configuration of the desktop (including liquid crystal display), the price is 1-2 times less than the latter problem solved, because the economic theory that the product price fluctuation within 20%, consumers are not sensitive to their price changes.

Mobile PCs generally do not have built-in batteries, while the power supply is powered by AC power, the recently listed mobile PC also has built-in batteries, but because of its use of desktop accessories power consumption, so the battery is short, often caused by the phenomenon of panic, and the notebook is fully equipped with built-in dedicated battery, the use of a long time.Mobile Computer

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