Perfect Match Between Medical Handheld Terminals And 2D Barcode Scanning Modules

- Aug 25, 2018-

How is the barcode reading module used in medical handheld terminals? Let us take a look.

 In the combination of the barcode reading module and the medical handheld terminal, the perfection is achieved. From the application situation of the handheld terminal embedded in the scanning module in the hospital, the scanning module has significant effects in terms of barcode verification, medical order execution, and bedside physical sign collection:


1. Realize accurate verification of medical information and rapid implementation of medical orders;


2. Instant information collection and access, greatly improving medical safety;


3. Reduce human resources investment and consumables costs, and reduce file entry time;


4. Effectively improve the management level of the hospital and realize the medical information management.

The medical handheld terminal utilizes the barcode module automatic identification, acquisition and real-time transmission functions to realize accurate verification of medical information and rapid execution of medical orders. The nurse borrows such a terminal to scan the patient's barcode wristband and drug external barcode, which realizes the dynamic collection of patient information and effectively avoids medical risks. Ensure that doctors keep abreast of the patient's condition and treatment implementation, thus preventing medical negligence and accidents. The timeliness of information collection ensures the implementation of the bedside check system, and the tentacles of the information system extend to the bedside, and the work safety factor of clinical care is greatly increased.


The scanning module enhances the working performance of the medical handheld terminal and promotes the development and innovation of the terminal application. Its integrated design is designed to maximize the matching of various terminal applications and help various information management.

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