PDA Selection Criteria

- Aug 15, 2017-

                With the development of Internet information and the popularization of mobile applications, industrial-level PDA has been widely used in various industries because of its excellent automatic recognition ability and operation convenience. Industrial-grade PDA including barcode scanner, RFID reader and so on, basic design using integrated integration design, set android/windows system, GPS, Bluetooth communication, SD card expansion and other functions.

                Industrial-grade PDA is a professional industry-level application development equipment, tailored for professional industry users. Different industries have different requirements for the performance and application fields of industrial PDA, and each industry user chooses according to their own needs. The following aspects need to be considered in the selection process:

                1, the application of the field: users according to their own different circumstances, the choice of different industrial grade PDA. Take the warehouse as an example, if the user in large-scale warehouse use PDA, the storage of items are higher, far from the operator, should choose to scan the depth of field, reading distance and high first reading rate of handheld terminals. For small and medium-sized warehouse users, can choose Full-featured, easy to operate PDA.

                2, CPU performance: The current industrial level PDA CPU number, frequency and other indicators have been improved. Some high-end PDA products have been used with RISC 32bitCPU, so that the user's field processing speed is improved.PDA

                3, operating system: industrial-grade PDA operating system is divided into Android and Windows. The Android platform is renowned for its openness and freedom, and its customers can develop two of times. Windows runs more steadily. The two systems can be selected according to specific project requirements.PDA

                4, Memory Capacity: Industrial level PDA memory capacity determines the data capacity, its memory capacity and CPU processing speed corresponds to. If the use of low performance CPU PDA, blindly improve their memory capacity, will increase the user's use of processing, waiting time.PDA

                5, coding Range: Industrial level PDA can recognize EAN code, UPC code and other more than 10 different codes, but there is a great difference. In the Logistics enterprise application, but also consider EAN128 code, 39 yards, Kudba code and so on. Users should take full account of the coding range in their actual application when choosing.PDA

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