PDA Introduction

- Jul 13, 2017-

                      PDA, English full name personal digital assistant, that is, personal digital assistant, usually refers to the handheld computer. Compared with the traditional computer, the advantages of PDA is light, small, mobile, but also powerful, the disadvantage is that the screen is too small, and the battery life capacity is limited. A PDA usually uses a stylus as an input device, while a memory card is used as an external storage medium. In wireless transmission, most PDAs have infrared and Bluetooth interfaces to ensure the convenience of wireless transmission. Many PDAs also have Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS global satellite positioning systems.Laptops and tablets are portable PCs that range from traditional PCs to PDAs.PDA

                     The first PDA was produced by Apple Computer in 1992, Newton. But these a products are not commercially successful. Later, a graffiti input method was developed specifically for handwritten input, and a PDA company using this approach as an input method launched the A-series product of palm, and has achieved great success. At the end of 20th century, Microsoft entered this area and first launched the Windows CE 1.0 operating system, but the system did not perform well in all respects, but later Microsoft launched the Windows Pocket Edition 20,021 to lay the lead position for the PPC operating system.PDA

                      The most popular handheld computer operating system platform is the Palm OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile series.PDA

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