PDA Handheld Terminal Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

- Mar 14, 2017-

1, the device can not boot, how do?

◆ check the battery is installed correctly, the battery cover is completely covered;

◆ Check if the battery is powered;

◆ If the battery is energized and the battery is installed correctly, do a cooling operation (press the reset button)

◆ Please charge the battery for 10 minutes, then try to boot.

2, In the scanning process, the scanning head light but can not identify the bar code, and scanning system is slow, how do?

◆ re-calibration scan head, the operation method: double-click on the desktop "PDA settings", open the scan head, scan head initialization, initialization can be successful;

◆ Please confirm whether the scanned bar code is complete without damage;

◆ If the scan head is recalibrated and the bar code is not damaged, the device can be restarted.

3, Can not connect to WIFI network?

◆ Firstly check whether the encryption method is correct, that is, check the handheld device and the local network encryption is consistent;

◆ check the password is correct;

◆ check whether the network is normal;

◆ restart the device or delete the network and then re-connect (network delete in the wireless configuration interface, select Advanced, in the preferred network list box to delete the need to delete the network, press the OK key to complete the operation).

4, Can not connect GPRS network?

◆ check the local signal strength;

◆ check whether the SIM card is installed correctly;

◆ Check whether the SIM card is open Internet access;

◆ whether the access point is set correctly;

◆ Check whether the SIM card arrears or SIM card is damaged (SIM card into the phone to test whether the damage or arrears).

5, The wireless network automatically disappeared after the start, how do?

After start the wireless,the status bar appears network icon, but after two seconds automatically disappear, do not worry, in the "PDA settings" which can see the WIFI wireless network connection, set it to enable.

6, USB can not connect?

◆ Synchronization mode - check if the computer has Microsoft ActiveSync synchronization software installed;

◆ USB mode - to open the USB settings in the control panel mode is selected U disk mode (to USB mode).

7, The touch screen failure and how to do?

Recalibrate the screen;

Method: on the desktop, double-click the "PDA Settings", enter the screen after the point of the screen calibration, point cross the center of the cursor, followed by the cursor to go around, after the success of the cursor disappears, then press the keyboard's Enter key or click on the screen, The last point of the upper right corner of the screen OK (calibration process a point is not on time, need to re-calibration).

8, The wireless network can update the SSID but can not be configured?

Check the advanced options in the use of WinDows to configure whether the wireless settings are selected.

9, Equipment crash, or boot problems how to do?

◆ hot start or cold start;

◆ If the phenomenon is serious, double-click "PDA Settings" on the desktop, restore the factory or return to the factory update kernel.

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