Pay Two-dimensional Code Will Restart The Postal Savings Bank This Month Launched The First

- Apr 06, 2016-

Li Zhuoyi the South are reporters he said that the current two-dimensional code still pay the bank only launched prepaid recharge service, mainly in the scan code on the Postal Savings Bank outlets and some leaflets. This year, the controversial pay two-dimensional code, as is seen O2O (online and offline business) to become parties to compete for closed-loop layout focus. This technique is based on the product page or order information generated by the two-dimensional code, consumers simply scan code via mobile phone, you can read product information and generate orders for payment. Since no wallet, no change is required, not be able to get five seconds. In the two-dimensional code on the market, the first to start in the domestic market accounted for the largest share of the third-party payment Alipay, TenPay. Since late last year, both of which rely on Alipay wallet and micro-channel pay seize O2O market.

However, this year March 14, the central bank suddenly issued an urgent document, a paper halt barcode (two-dimensional code) payment and other payment services face to face. The central bank pointed out that the line barcode (two-dimensional code) paid break the traditional business model receiving terminal, the current technical and safety standards of the terminal is not clear, the relevant payment matching authentication security remaining question, there is a certain risk of payment risks. According to the South are reporters after investigation, despite the subsequent payment of Alipay and micro-channel two-dimensional code is not completely suspend the payment of the line, but also related to the promotion has died down, waiting for the signal to restart the policy. In the meantime, despite the outgoing message CUP also re-layout of the two-dimensional code, but in terms of accepting CUP Southern Reporter interview but were denied. CUP area, said two-dimensional code based on payment security issues have not been completely resolved, CUP in the market has not launched any commercial application of two-dimensional code payments.

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