Notes On The Selection Of Barcode Scanner

- Jul 05, 2017-

    Sweep the code machine can be said to be more general collectively, including scanning gun, data collector, miniature barcode scanning gun, fixed barcode scanning gun and so on. In fact, the distinction between the Collector (PDA) and scan the gun is easier, one is a small computer-type barcode scanning equipment, a bar code scanner (itself is generally no screen, large storage, large CPU, etc.).Barcode Scanner
    What are the points to note when choosing a scanner? The first is the quality of the scanner, the quality of course is the higher the better, but as its protection level to improve its response price will be much more expensive, for the scanner requirements of the most commonly used in the pipeline, but the warehouse is not used so high intensity, as long as the ability to resist the prominent can be, so in the choice of the best to see its ability to resist. The code for the warehouse is good for wireless or cable, and today's content. In general, only to ensure that the goods are in a specific location to scan the use of wired scanners, on this point, although the price of wireless scanners is a bit more expensive but also a wireless advantage. And in the selection of wireless scanner also have two problems to solve: 1 its transmission distance of 2) when the wireless scan of the number of its memory 4 the last point is the scan gun, it's a barcode scanning ability, many people may think that as long as the scanner can scan the bar code, this is not true, in fact, a lot of scanners for incomplete or fuzzy barcode scanning ability is very poor, the warehouse bar code is generally intact, so it is more to find out its scanning ability. These are the recommendations for the selection of the warehouse scanner.Barcode Scanner
   Disclosed is a folding and convenient sweep code machine, including the indicator lamp, the handle, the sleeve and the signal receiver, the indicator light connected with the organic shell, the right side of the casing is fixed with a scanning port, the internal set of the casing is a processor, the left side of the signal receiver is provided with a processor, and the lower part of the casing is arranged with a rotator, and the upper part of the handle is fitted with a rotator, the left position of the base is provided with a wire, wherein the inner connection of the sleeve is fitted with a handle, and a scan button is arranged above the sleeve. And the right side of the rotator is provided with a scan button. The foldable and convenient sweep-code machine adopts folding housing, small size, the setting has the heat dissipation hole, not easy to heat causes the line short circuit, the hand set has the set, the control is more convenient, the scanner reaction speed is quicker, sweep the code efficiency is high, sweep the code speed is quicker, can carry on the sweep code work quickly, guarantees the two dimensions code, the bar code Barcode Scanner

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