New Upgrade Of Embedded Scanning Module Subway Gate Cloud Gate Machine Is Fully Trial

- Nov 30, 2018-

As the most convenient and convenient way for the city to travel, the subway is also the preferred mode of transportation. However, in a big city like Guangzhou, there are many people taking the subway. If you use the original method to purchase tickets, the congestion of the subway will only become more and more serious. Especially in the morning and evening peak hours, it is inevitable that long queues will be purchased, collected and recharged. Although the subway department has relied on the introduction of self-service ticket vending machines to alleviate congestion, the situation is even worse due to frequent high-frequency, long-term operation, such as slow machine response and stuck. However, with the development of science and technology, the development of bar code technology in the metro department has actively introduced bar code recognition technology. The era of taking the subway to take the subway has arrived!


With the changes of the trend of the times, in response to the above situation, the joint venture of the subway gate manufacturers has launched an upgrade plan and has been piloted in many cities across the country. Through the use of two-dimensional code recognition technology and mobile Internet technology, the traditional gates are used. Access the embedded QR code scanning module (scanning code device), fully utilize the high performance of bar code recognition, acquisition and data transmission, and connect with the electronic ticket checking system and mobile payment system to expand the mobile phone scanning code Value-added services for “passing the gate” and “sweeping the code for ticket checking”.


The plan is built as follows:


1. Software: In the scan code window of the gate, the function of brushing mobile phone QR code, Alipay and WeChat payment code check-in is added. Passengers do not need to purchase subway tickets, which can greatly save the time of entering the station and more in line with the intelligent development. trend.


2, hardware: "two-dimensional code scanning module" for the electronic eye, give full play to the bar code scanning and data acquisition and transmission performance, combined with the subway two-dimensional code electronic ticketing system to achieve passengers "scan code into the gate" and "scan code check" Value-added services, while retaining the original subway card and coin-operated pit stop service, meet the high-frequency operation requirements of the subway scan code gate and bring the new experience brought by "Internet + Smart Metro".


3. Advantages of the program: The intelligent gate machine can enhance the passenger experience and reduce the cash and subway card recharge by embedding the two-dimensional code scanning module, combined with the self-sale ticketing terminal, scanning code check-in and other online and offline integration applications. The inconvenience caused by the purchase of tickets plays an invaluable role in promoting urban green travel and improving the efficiency of subway operations.


4, product recommendation: QR code scanning module uses excellent decoding technology, scanning is accurate and fast, can easily read paper, plastic card, LCD and other printed media and bar code on display media, powerful performance. Its completely integrated design requires only a very small installation space, and is extremely light weight, which is very easy to be embedded in various product applications, and meets the needs of the subway high-frequency scanning code to create the "Internet + Smart Metro" "Provides the power of innovation.

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