Model And Application Scenario Of QR Code Recognition Device

- Nov 15, 2018-

With the development of the Internet of Things, our lives are becoming more and more intelligent, and mobile payment is the core element of smart life. Now, no matter where you go, we rarely need to use cash, or even pay for the QR code to pay. It is more convenient to pay the payment code to the home barcode scanning device. It is simpler and faster than other traditional payment methods. Not only customers are convenient, but merchants also save trouble.


When it comes to QR code recognition devices, the main directions are divided into scanners, platform readers and fixed readers.


First, the scanning gun is divided into a one-dimensional scanning gun and a two-dimensional scanning gun. The one-dimensional scanning gun specifically scans the one-dimensional barcode, the mobile phone code commodity code, and one shot: one gun simultaneously fixes the commodity code and the mobile phone screen code, so that you Scan code, payment, marketing three-pronged. The scanning module belongs to the one-dimensional scanning gun. This is a comprehensive type of equipment, which can be widely used in: office, catering, cash register, bar code payment, express delivery, document management, inventory, document management, etc. Moreover, the design of the product is ergonomically designed to ensure the comfort of a high degree of work. At the same time, the appearance is small and light, and the fashion is exquisite. It meets the aesthetic requirements of the current O2O era, and can be used as a icing on the cake while satisfying the functional needs of customers. effect.

The 2D scanner can easily handle 1D and 2D barcode reading with excellent performance and high quality. Among the 2D scanners, the HR22 is a good choice for quickly reading 1D & 2D barcodes on paper/screen. The product has good 1D & 2D low quality barcode reading performance, low power consumption, rich interface and good cost performance. Applicable to O2O payment, O2O card issue verification, invoicing management of jewelry and chain department stores, ticket management of banks and securities, and automated office management.

Barcode identification equipment has a wide variety of styles, a wide range of applications, a wide range of applications, and powerful functions.

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