Mobile Computer Related Definitions And Components

- Jul 05, 2017-

    Mobile computers are also known as "portable Desktops" by some manufacturers, home portable machine, which is characterized by almost the same appearance as the laptop, but no built-in batteries, PC card slots, generally through AC power supply, with a strong portability, and internal structure is more streamlined, more user-friendly upgrade and maintenance. In addition, most models can also be equipped with plug-in battery, so as to achieve a real sense of mobile computing.Mobile Computer
    In addition, "mobile computer" to replace the desktop, the price must also be attractive to users, and the notebook is not universal, the core is the price. Specifically, when the price of the mobile computer and the same performance configuration of the desktop (including liquid crystal display), the price is 1-2 times less than the latter problem solved, because the economic theory that the product price fluctuation within 20%, consumers are not sensitive to their price changes.
It is very difficult to make a very strict definition of the mobile computer, and it is not necessary. Because, mobile computer is a new thing that develops unceasingly, its concrete meaning will have different meaning in each different development stage, and its change is very fast. For now, we can basically define "mobile computer": "Mobile Computer" is a general term for a new type of computer products that are similar in appearance to laptops and that use some of the desktop accessories internally, such products are lightweight and removable.Mobile Computer
   On batteries, mobile computers generally do not have built-in batteries, and the power supply is through AC power supply, recently listed mobile computers also have built-in batteries, but because of its use of desktop accessories power consumption, so the battery is short, often caused by the phenomenon of panic, and the notebook is fully equipped with built-in dedicated battery, the use of a long time. With regard to PC card slots, the mobile computer basically does not support the PCMCIA of the various interfaces, while the notebook computer has a variety of PC expansion slots, can be very convenient to achieve a variety of peripheral products. On the CPU and other major accessories, mobile computer CPU is the use of desktop CPU, many for the P4 series, while the notebook CPU is mostly used notebook computer-specific mobile CPU, the current notebook mainstream CPU is C4-M and-series. Mobile computer motherboards are basically the integration of SIS integrated motherboard, memory is also more with ordinary SDRAM, DDR memory is relatively small, hard disk is also mostly 5400 rpm small capacity. and notebook computer CPU, motherboard, memory and hard disk are dedicated.Mobile Computer

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