Mobile Computer Performance Price

- May 24, 2017-

At present, the "mobile computer" family is already quite a climate: In addition to blessing the "mobile computer" series, the elite released million P4 "portable desktop"; Founder mouth though did not say, but excellent V series can not take off "Mobile computer" stakeholders; with the side will be launched to Winxp + P4 as the selling point of the super Xiang series  carefully observed now on the market all kinds of self-proclaimed "mobile computer" products and media on the "mobile computer" Argument and even the debate, we will find such a problem: in many occasions and many people's views, for what kind of product in the end is "mobile computer" has not figured out, no wonder the two sides will happen "chicken with duck" Embarrassing situation.

Mobile Computer Some users simply think that "mobile computer" is the ultra-low-cost notebook computers, there are good things even detailed provisions of the price should be between 5000-7000 yuan; also some people think that since it is "mobile computer" Well, It should be used desktop CPU and other desktop accessories notebook computer; also some people think that "mobile computer" and the only difference between the laptop is to see if it is equipped with a battery ... ... no matter how.

So what is the "mobile computer" is really able to replace the desktop? The answer comes from two aspects: performance and price.

"Mobile computer" To replace the desktop, the performance of the first place to have a substitute. "Mobile computer" and notebook the same mobility is its performance on the great advantages, but also need to solve a problem: that is, computing power to catch up with the level of desktop. Therefore, since it is in the processing capacity to catch up with the desktop, then the performance configuration, the mobile computer is not "low configuration" synonymous.

In addition, "mobile computer" to replace the desktop, the price must also be attractive to users, and the reason why the notebook can not be universal, the core is the price. Specifically, when the price of the mobile computer and the equivalent performance of the desktop (including liquid crystal display) compared to the price of the latter 1-2 times the problem is resolved, because the economic theory that the product price Up and down in less than 20% of the words, consumers are not sensitive to its price changes.

It is very difficult to give the mobile computer a very strict definition, but also do not have this necessary. Because mobile computers are a growing new thing, its specific meaning will have different meanings at different stages of development, and it will change quickly. At present, we can basically define the "mobile computer": "mobile computer" is the appearance of the current and notebook computers similar to the internal use of some desktop accessories, the new computer products known, these products have both Laptop thin, mobile features, but also has a prominent desktop performance, cheap features, can be seen as part of the combination of the two products.

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