Mobile Computer Hard Disk Status

- Oct 20, 2017-

First in the notebook computer in the solid-state hard drive type compared to the type of mobile phone to be more abundant, and different product brand pricing is also very rich, for the manufacturers to choose more space, wider However, in general, manufacturers do not clearly state the product contained in the solid-state hard drive type, in most cases only give a read speed. So the notebook SSD solid state hard drive and how to distinguish it?Mobile Computer

Early notebook computers are used in the traditional mechanical hard drive, the internal use of SATA controller, accompanied by the birth of solid-state hard drive, motherboard manufacturers have introduced more suitable for SATA solid-state hard drive AHCI mode, but in recent years, solid-state hard drive and toward the PCI -e and M.2 interface development, Intel and the various manufacturers to launch a more appropriate NVMe standard. NVMe is the use of PCI-E channel SSD a specification, high-end devices using PCI-e + NVMe standard solid-state hard drive is also more and more, and PCI-e 3.0 is the biggest difference is a lower delay, faster Random read, lower power consumption.Mobile Computer It is worth noting that, M.2 interface, solid-state hard drive a total of PCI-e and SATA bus specification, although called M.2, but which bus depends on the motherboard, such as the motherboard only supports SATA bus, then whether the solid-state hard drive supports PCI- e bus, the speed will be limited by SATA. In other words, want your M.2 interface to achieve PCI-e bus speed, must have two conditions, one SSD support, the second is the motherboard support, bus specification and logical interface standards need to meet, are indispensable.Mobile Computer

Through the past tests and experience can be determined, the greater the capacity of solid-state hard drive, read the more efficient the argument can be confirmed, which with the traditional SATA mechanical hard drive has a big difference, it is often easy to be overlooked.Mobile Computer

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