Mobile Computer Disputes

- Sep 25, 2017-

     The earliest form of virtual reality technology is a very large analog equipment, with the continuous progress of technology, there is a need to connect the PC of the first-wear VR equipment, and as the mobile device performance gradually improve, the VR shifted to the mobile end is also possible. Then virtual reality technology PC end and mobile end of the dispute, the future will be spent who home?Mobile Computer

    When discussing PC and mobile contention, let's start by looking at what the earliest virtual reality devices look like. The earliest VR equipment was strictly a stereo television device, and was only on paper in the patent application document.

With the rapid development of industry and informatization, the trend of enterprise automation has become inevitable, more and more terminal control equipment appears in the industrial field. Mobile Computer

     The demand of the terminal control equipment from the enterprise is changed from the ordinary industrial computer to the lightweight and convenient mobile tablet. The Windows operating system developed by Microsoft plays a leading role not only in the family, business but also in industrial applications. The Windows 8 operating system, released by Microsoft in October 2012, has been widely used in tablet terminals, as more businesses and users are pro-gaze.Mobile Computer

     One of the big advantages of moving a tablet computer is that it is lightweight and easy to carry. For the frequent transformation of the monitoring point of the industrial and industrial site, mobile terminals have undoubtedly reduced the number of engineers to install maintenance work, application occasions flexible. In the monitoring and operation of personnel at any time to move the industrial scene, or personnel not on the industrial scene, on business trip, by carrying a lightweight mobile terminals, can keep abreast of the situation.Mobile Computer

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