Ken Maisi Release Multifunctional Industrial Handheld Terminal Plate

- Apr 06, 2016-

The PAD compact, easy to operate, 7-inch capacitive screen, a collection of many features touch-screen input, handwriting input, etc., protection class IP65, high-capacity polymer lithium battery 8000Mah to 10000Mah, low power consumption, simple operation, with different technical characteristics of modular design, will greatly facilitate the operators to use, greatly improving the efficiency of field work, to provide users with convenient and efficient business processing mode mobile, modern data acquisition, the development direction of e-governance can be based on the tablet PC the more quickly and easily perform a secondary application development.

Special tempered glass touch screen with superior impact resistance. IP65 for the whole, the whole resistant to 1.5 meters free fall. Product design lines and clear, the overall simplicity, bright color lines embellishment, highlighting its high-end and introverted character.

The tablet handheld terminal, using the Android system by August 2014 from mobile phones in China, the world's market share in the mainstream Android operating system accounted for nearly 85% of end-use applications in the industry, Ken Maisi in the choice of operating system without hesitation, on this platform, user-developed variety of complex data processing applications within a strong applicability and industry, data collection, storage, retrieval and real-time data updates and other business needs.

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