Introduction To Windows Barcode Scanner

- Aug 09, 2017-

     Press the key on the printer panel to the left and release it once, to open/close the printer in real time, press the paper to the right, and release the paper. When the red light on the printer is on, the barcode printer is ready to go. In the United States standard detection mode, F-Class bar code for unqualified bar code, can not be used. and whether the printer prints data that is not related to the barcode level, check the settings for the "Autoprint/stor" item in the PrintOut option, and if the item is "on", each time the barcode is scanned, the parameter is automatically printed, and if the item is set to "off", the parameter is not automatically printed and the data is printed, and you can select the data that you want to print and then press Select when the parameter is set in print result.Windows Barcode Scanner
     Here XX indicates the number of barcode data characters detected, excluding the check digit. Bar code can be divided into fixed-length bar code and non-stationary long bar code, commonly used code, 39 yards and 128 yards for the length of the bar code, the number of characters is usually not fixed, UPC and EAN code for the fixed length bar code, for EAN code, there are EAN-13 and EAN-8 two species, the more common is the EAN-13 code, including 12 bits and 1 bit parity, while the EAN-8 code includes 7 bits and 1 bit parity, so in the correct premise of the scan, different bar code XX value is normal. QC Series tester can automatically detect the bar code module (that is, the smallest unit) quantity, use the steel in the attachment to measure the distance between the bar code starter and the Terminator, after detecting bar code, press Select key to enter menu option, select Calculate "X" and enter bar code length, press select key to calculate the minimum unit width of bar code, please note that the unit used in measurement and the unit used in calculation must be consistent.Windows Barcode Scanner
     The print output option in the parameter setting output option is "*w/profile? (no/lores/hires)", and what does "lores" and "hires" mean? This option is used to set whether the detector prints and saves the scan reflectivity curve, and "lores" means to print or save the curve at a low-resolution rate. Hires "means to print or save a curve at high resolution, the scan reflectivity curve is not necessary for the average user, if you choose to save or print the reflectivity curve, note that it will occupy the memory of the detector and affect the number of detections that can be saved by the tester.Windows Barcode Scanner
     Today's scanner applications need to capture not only barcode data, but also image acquisition, set parameters and upgrade firmware. Advanced users may need to support multiple applications running on a single computer (communicating with multiple scanners). The scanner SDK for Windows is designed to meet these requirements and provide additional functionality. This technology-agnostic toolkit is compatible with multiple programming languages, multiple development environments, and multiple communication protocols.Windows Barcode Scanner

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