Handheld Reading Terminal Unveiled At CES

- Jun 22, 2016-

Xinhua Las Vegas January 8th power at the opening of the 8th International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, many companies launched a smart phone, tablet or e-reader and other new products. However, with a strong information capabilities featuring both smart phone features, "Xinhua frequency media," read the hand-held terminal, still attract the attention of visitors.

The 5-inch handheld reader terminal and News Service high degree of integration, reflecting today's era of mobile non-communication more powerful, that is, "non-mobile phone" of features. At the show, "Xinhua frequency media," read the hand-held terminal to attract visitors from the United States, India, Spain, Russia and other countries.

US mobile application providers FIVE4NOW Jim Belanger see this after reading terminal, approached the booth to learn more about the performance of the product, "Xinhua frequency media" series of technical and market conditions. He said: "The combination of information services and hardware is a good idea and very practical."

CES only Chinese official media partner, "China Daily" President Suzi Han said: "The development of electronic communications media products and rare reading of this product can be described as a machine in hand, to make known world affairs, particularly suitable. user information age.

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