Handheld Parking Meter Makes Traditional Charges More Efficient

- Jun 01, 2018-

        The parking charge management system is the most basic system, and it is also the most common system for solving problems. Hand-held charging machines make parking easier.

1, the administrator charges will not be used in the traditional sense of the parking space monitoring and charging recovery system.

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      If the car is parked on the parking space for too long, it will send information through the cloud platform to the toll collector terminal. The toll terminal will take pictures of the parking space. If the car does not pay according to the regulations, the information will be sent to the recovery system, which will eliminate the owner. Evasion or payment is not timely. After the entire system is operating normally, all parking lot parking spaces will be connected to the recovery system. If any parking space has no payment, this information will be shared with the recovery system. The owner will have to stop the next time and the system will remind that the last time. There is no fee paid to continue parking on the platform, compared to hand-held parking fees more efficient and efficient.

Parking fee system

2, independent payment through credit card

        Through the IC card or the city card can be directly achieved parking payment is convenient, the company's YK3000 parking lot handheld has achieved the function of credit card payment for a variety of parking garages, communities or units, hotels, squares and so on. The functions are also relatively complete, and can be divided into road sections, road categories, vehicle type charges, automatic calculation of parking time, and automatic calculation of parking fees. The amount of parking charges does not require any networking and construction, and simultaneous management of multiple import and export can be achieved compared to manual recording. 3-5 times faster, 1-2 times faster than conventional fixed self-check card devices. The use of authentication methods that manually compare the license plate number of the card with the actual license plate number ensures the safety of the vehicle.

Parking lot

3, independent payment through APP

      Mainly through the company's APP platform or third-party payment platform, such as Alipay, WeChat to meet the needs of the majority of owners, continue to expand the comprehensive development of independent payment methods, to achieve multiple user benefits.

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