Fixed Barcode Scanner For Industrial Automation Navigation

- Jan 30, 2019-

 With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, the industry has successively cited the automation model. Industrial automation not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces labor costs. Because the traditional production mode requires manual scanning of the barcode, unlike the current industrial automation vision system, the product can be scanned in all directions. In addition, in order to prevent heavy leakage, it is necessary to carry out multiple inspections. The work of one assembly line requires multiple labors. When checking multiple or multiple working lines, the number of people required will be large. As the rise, the corresponding labor costs will increase accordingly.


Fixed barcode scanner for industrial automation navigation


So in order to solve this problem, the industrial automation mode - industrial visual recognition system - was introduced. The industrial visual identification system fixed industrial identification system uses a fixed scan code operation, saving time and effort.

According to the speed of the production line and the scanning distance, there is a certain relationship with the bar code content.

For a full version of the industrial barcode scanner recognition application

Some barcodes are often damaged or torn due to the nature of the labels. The damaged barcode has high requirements on the scanner, and the ordinary barcode scanner cannot be read. A specific fixed bar code scanner is required to overcome problems such as lighting, marking methods, code quality or surface finish changes, and easy to read scans. In addition, it provides an Ethernet connection for real-time tracking, image downloads, data transfer and effortless factory integration.

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