Fingerprint Recognition, Not The Same As A New Experience

- Apr 06, 2016-

As one of the biometric technology most widely used, most affordable recognition technology, fingerprint recognition technology to maintain a good momentum of development in 2012, the next few years will continue to fingerprint identification market to maintain a stable growth rate. Currently fingerprint identification terminal technology is mainly used in enterprise time and attendance and access control systems Intelligent Community, as the technology matures and reduce costs, applications of fingerprint recognition technology has become increasingly widespread. Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. from Nanjing Ken Maisi recommended terminal, the terminal is divided into three different forms Summary:

Terminal Category:

United Aircraft: capacitive fingerprint acquisition, in line with Ministry of Public Security standard authentic fingerprint chip, recognition speed, recognition rate of 100%. Via USB / serial port Windows PC or Android terminal, scalable interface to connect a Bluetooth Android tablets and Android smartphones.

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