Fast COD Dispatch Management Solution

- Nov 15, 2018-

First, customer needs and challenges

With the rapid development of e-commerce logistics, collection of goods (COD) has gradually expanded into a standard service for some express logistics companies. However, the collection and payment business is a complex principal-agent relationship involving the control and transfer of property rights among the three parties, the payment and settlement of funds, the collection and feedback of information, and the low concentration of express logistics industry development, business management and The level of informatization is still in its infancy. COD still lacks complete industry application solutions. The integration of logistics, capital flow and information flow is not perfect, and business security and customer service levels need to be improved.

Second, the program overview

The fast COD payment payment scheme integrates the core functions of the business terminal PDA through the integrated PDA-POS terminal as the carrier of the data storage, so that the mobile POS machine has the functions of logistics business management, such as pickup, dispatch, and receipt, in addition to the card cash register. Query, etc., to achieve comprehensive monitoring and management of "people and property." Help express logistics enterprises to improve the security of funds and shorten the settlement time in the process of delivery, and also create conditions for the establishment of a variety of service products for express logistics enterprises, such as the return of funds for T+1.

Third, the program

Receiving management: The pick-up member logs in to the system to check in, and downloads the information to be received through the PDA-POS terminal, collects the shipment to the customer, and transmits the receiving time and cargo information to the management center in real time through the waybill scanning; Perform single-access pickup operation, query area, price, etc.

Delivery and signing: The dispatcher logs in to the system to sign in, and receives the dispatching task through PDA-POS. After the goods are delivered to the customer, the electronic signature and cargo information of the customer can be synchronized with the back-end system in real time through the check-in and check-out of the waybill. The terminal enters an abnormal operation such as a dispatch.

Pay by card: After receiving the goods, the consignee can choose to pay in cash, or face-to-face to complete the payment by swiping the card, entering the password, etc., and then signing the delivery document to confirm that the whole transaction process is fast, safe and reliable.

Quick COD dispatch management solution flow chart

  Fourth, the benefit analysis

1. Quick and secure credit card payment and fund collection

Through the PDA-POS integrated machine to query the amount of the receivables of the logistics system, and complete the credit card payment, quickly realize the collection of the payment to the company's bank account or third-party payment account, realize the closed-loop management of cash management electronic and fund information.

2. Timely receipt and feedback and cash payment

The PDA-POS integrated machine synchronously feedbacks the receipt information in real time, and monitors the delivery status in real time through the credit card time. For the cash payment of the recipient, the goods are signed and uploaded through the terminal after the receipt of the goods, thereby improving information feedback, KPI assessment and settlement timeliness.

3. Efficient and intelligent financial settlement and settlement in a timely and effective manner

Through reasonable fund settlement period and perfect customer account management, meet the high standard settlement requirements of different customers, powerful transaction monitoring and statistical analysis, not only support automatic reconciliation, real-time query, order and capital match one by one, but also at any time Query historical transaction records.

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