Electronic Monitoring Code: Fake Weapon

- Apr 06, 2016-

AQSIQ held to promote the electronic monitoring network mobilization meeting in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. China Great Wall Wine Company others: they joined product quality electronic supervision network, products endowed (printed or affixed to the product quality electronic supervision code) market, to regulate the use of bar code printer to print electronic monitoring code, since not only solved the long-standing business the counterfeiting problem, but also improve the enterprise information management level. Electronic monitoring code unprepossessing looks similar international bar code, is far from comparable international anti-counterfeit labels and bar codes are being widely implemented in domestic enterprises. Fake Chinese characteristics required regulatory code in counterfeit reduced significantly today, some companies are still suffering from the fake. For example, a business Langfang brakes on repeated counterfeiting, the occupation of a large market does not say that he also made a scapegoat - is difficult to adduce evidence was fake.

Law enforcement authorities also miserable. After each product quality special rectification action, counterfeiting problem always rebounded to varying degrees. For a long time, we have been facing law enforcement and selling counterfeit and shoddy found difficult, hard evidence, tracing difficult problem. With these three difficulties, and ultimately bad or ordinary consumers. AQSIQ Deputy Director of Law Enforcement Supervision Department Yanping Min introduction, establishment of product quality electronic supervision network, enterprise network endowed, electronic supervision, which is to solve the three difficulties fundamentally.

Find it difficult to solve - no matter what part of the country, found that product quality problems can occur such as "Goods shelf life has expired" on the display as long as the regulatory code and Inspection, "you have been approved by the regulatory code fake, please call phone 95001111 report warning words "and, at the same time this information will be transmitted to law enforcement 12365 rapid response system quality inspection departments, law enforcement agencies to act quickly.

Solve hard evidence - reflect the quality of the manufacturer, origin, production date, shelf life and other basic information stored on electronic monitoring code, you can check in later mall, also available online, by telephone inquiries. With monitoring network, evidence is no longer difficult.

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